Alopecia and Vitamin D relation

Alopecia Areata Hair Regrowth Success Story

If you are reading this blog, chances are very high that you or any of your family members or friends are suffering from this frustrating autoimmune disorder. This disease is really frustrating since it does not have any permanent cure and no treatment in the world can guarantee you that you will have permanent hair regrowth.

Many of you know or read somewhere about its types, treatments available, natural remedies etc. but still not getting any results out of this. I have seen or read many peoples comment or blog post regarding their experiences with Alopecia and they have this since many years and not able to cure this inspite of wasting thousands of dollars on this.

How it affected me?

I suffered from this disease since 4 years and had more than 15 patches all over my body, 2 on my chest, a big patch on my beard which covers almost half of my beard and several small patches on my head.

I tried everything available in the market and what so ever told by my relatives friends etc. I consulted more 6-7 doctors from various fields such as Ayurvedic, Alllopathic, Homeopathic but nothing helped me.

Treatment which worked for me:

One of my friend suggested me, did u checked your vitamin D level. I said no. He was quite surprised by the fact that no dermatologist or any of these doctors did asked me to check any of the vitamin and other parameters. Suddenly i got curious and checked my vitamin D level and it was around 4.5 which is highly deficient. Standard level should be more than 30. So i started supplementing vitamin D also spending time in morning sunlight. After 3-4 months, I checked my vitamin D level and its now around 50. I can see some hair regrowth. Please be careful while doing vitamin D supplements since it also has many side effects so please consult a good doctor before supplementing vitamin D.

Also I am consulting with a one of the homeopathy doctor in Bhopal who works on classical homeopathy. He is giving me treatment since 4 -5 months. He tried several medicines and I can see some improvement. He treated several alopecia patients in the past after studing their physical and mental behaviour. He given me several medicines such as Natrum Mur, Staphysagaria and Sac Lac etc. Homeopathy medicines only works if your symptoms matches with the medicines. After studying much about the homeopathy, my case was matching with Natrum Mur so I have been advised to take Natrum mur 200 (3-4 drops empty stomach) once in 15 days and followed by Sac lac 30 (4-5 pallets) thrice a day.

Also I started eating fruits, vegetables, seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, flax, chia etc) to incrase my body iron, zinc, calcium levels. Make sure your body has enough nutrition in order to regrow hairs. Whatever you do orally will not help unless your body has enough vitamins, proteins, and other nutrition.

How you can you gets this?

You can purchase Vitamin D sachet or capsules from local medicine shop or you can also order it online. Also regarding the seeds, in India its very easy to find. You can also order to online from Amazon. I have given some below link in case you are unable to find it near your locality.

Now all my hairs has regrowing, only 1-2 patches are left and rest has been almost covered.

I am attaching my before and after photos to show my hair regrowth journey.

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