Best Ways to generate leads for your business

How to Get Leads for Your Business??


Last month, I met with few of the founders/entrepreneurs in a event in Gurgaon and discussed few of their challenges. The biggest challenge with them was the quality leads. They all have very good product but they were not able to find audience to use it. Even there are many companies who can be their potential customers but these gaps were not able to identified by them.

Since they were startups so they can not invest huge money on branding or advertising. Although they tried different things to get those leads through social media marketing, ad-words, hiring few lead generation companies but all failed. Then I asked them, can you share some more details about the same.

I went through into the details and realized that they were not much focusing on email marketing which is primary factor in B2B lead generation. Specially sectors such as IT, Cloud, Telecom etc.

I also saw some of the templates they were using was not up to the mark. Also their subject line was also not eye-catchy. First challenge was to set first level call with the people to try their product. Although they have a very good SAAS product.

Email Marketing/ Cold-Email:

Generally, in B2B sales, decision makers are the high designated people such as CEO, CTO, CIO, Head-IT, Head-Product etc. So always send email to more than 3-4 people in the same company in order to get response because every company has their own decision making authority. I will tell you how to get email address of any person in less than 2 minutes in my next blog. Even if they don’t take decisions they will assign you a person who will evaluate your products or services. And whenever there is this kind of top to down approach, chances are more that you will get closure or demo.

Email is the best way to communicate these days, Cold-call is dead. Nobody wants a call from a stranger during his/her busy schedule. Everybody prefers email since they can read as per their availability, study and research about your products or services on their comfort and if interested they will reach out to you. As per my experience. leads generated from email marketing is far better than any other sources. Chances of getting it converted is very high.

Even if you do cold-call to someone, he will ask you to send details over email. so its better to send email first. In this case prospects will get enough time to research about you or your company. Email marketing helps in trust building as well.

  1. Subject line: Subject line should be personalize not the general one. Always sent emails like they have sent it to them personally not the mass mail. May be you can put their company name or anything related to their company. It should not be more than 5-6 letters.
  2. Pitch in the template: Always start your email about the recipients profile or interest. Email should be about them not about you. Never describe your products or services in detail. Always focus on their business challenges and how you can solve them with your products and services.
  3. CTA: Always use a clear call-to-action in the email. If you want a Skype call with them ask for his availability for a quick call.

You all these above mentioned points should be in such a way that they should be curious or compel to reply back to you.

I will cover all the topics in Inside sales domain such as marketing automation tools, Data mining tricks, follow-up techniques etc.

Stay tuned!!


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