Hair Fall Problems and Solutions:

How to stop hairfall and regrowh your hairs

In today’s world everybody is concern about our looks. And
when we talk about our looks, hairs plays an important role in making our looks

Many people face problems related with theirs hairs, problem
could be anything such as hair graying, hair fall, alopecia areata, baldness

According to a research, expenses by individuals on hair
care products are increasing day by day. People are spending thousands of money
on these products and this industry is growing by leaps and bounds.

People spend lots of money on these hair care products and
later realized they have been looted by this company since they use extensive
chemical on their scalp which make their hairs worst. They simply believe in
the advertising and purchase the product while they don’t know whats in it and
is it useful or not.

This is the reason every hair-care product companies claim
that they can reduce your hairfall and improve regrowing your hairs.

I myself used various products in the past and regretted
later-on. You need to understand one thing which is improve your body from
inside if you really wants to stop your hairfall.

Chances are more that hairs are falling because of some internal
reasons such as lack of minerals (protein or vitamin) in your body.

What you should do:

You should check your vitamin, iron, zinc levels etc to know
if its due to this or something else. Even I also got to know my Vitamin D
level was 4.5 while the standard limit is 30. You will be surprised to know
that 90% people are lacking in vitamin D. you should properly get Vitamin D as
well for proper functioning of your body.

Also eat lot of fruits, vegetables, healthy foods etc. Avoid
eating junk foods, sugary foods, spicy foods etc.

Also if you really want to give proper nutrition to your
scalp then use only natural warm mustard coconut and olive oil etc during sleeping
leave it overnight and wash it with warm water next morning.

Have proper sleep for more than 8 hours, drink plenty of
waters, avoid smoke, drink etc.

Do meditation, Yoga and exercise regularly. Go for a morning
walk if possible.

Do nail rubbing atleast 15 mins in the morning and evening
with empty stomach.

Apply Onion Juice on the scalp to grow your hairs faster.

Never use chemicals on your hairs or scalp. It will harm

Drink 3-4 glass luke warm water in the early morning if
possible. All your problems is connected with your stomach, You need to make
sure your stomach is functioning properly.

Eat almonds, Walnut, Seeds such as Chia, Sunflower, Pumpkin
to get proper elements such as Zinc, Iron, Vitamins etc.

Drink coconut water, its good for hair and skin.

Start following these above things for atleast 6 months-1
year and see the results. I am sure you will feel the difference.