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Alopecia Areata:

Alopecia Areata is becoming common everywhere. People are suffering from this disease and since no standard treatment is available in the world to cure this disease so people becoming very frustrated since they try everything which is available and read on the internet but not able to cure it. Its very unpredictable disease. Nobody know why it happened it to them and when it will be cured. For some patients, Allopathy works and for some Ayurvedic and for some Homeopathic and for others they don’t know what worked for them.

How It Started:

How I Lived my life with Alopecia Areata from last 3 years. (Success Journey of Hair Regrowth)

I live in Gurgaon and suffering from alopecia areata since 3 years and had developed more than 15 patches all over my body. Out of this 15 patches, 2 patches are on my chest, 1 big patch on my beard which covers almost half of my beard and several multiple patches on my head. It was my worst 3 years since it was developed. Its very important to know how it started. For me, it started with a emotional stress. You also try to find the reason. 

My Experience with Alopecia Areata:

It started in March 2015 when my barber noticed 2 small patches, I am not sure but after realizing this in details, I noticed that it started from a emotional stress. 

1st Doctor (Allopathy): I went to a dermatologist in Gurgaon and he given me Minodoxil and 1 shot of steroids. After 1 month I saw the patch was increasing so I followed with him but he does not have answer for this. I consulted him for 2 months but no relief.

2nd Doctor: 2nd doctor also did the same thing, He given me 2 steroids injections with some tablets along with it. Again no results but my patches were increasing.

3rd Doctor: Then I went to one very famous dermatologist after reading some good reviews on Practo. That doctor suggested me to complete the course of 6 injections after every 2 weeks. I did that course for 3 months and spent more than 15000 rupees, I got my complete hairs back but after 1-2 months again my hair loss started and this time my patches were increased and then I had developed more than 10 patches.

4th Doctor (Allopathy): She was nice, atleast she told me clearly, every dermatlogiest has the same treatment for alopecia areata in allopathy, So she never given me steroids and given false hope, From then I understood, Allopathy can’t cure my alopecia, Because I tried 4 famous doctors in Gurgaon but they were not able to cure it. All those doctors were MD, some were done their masters from good universities in US and UK.

So my inclination moved towards natural remedies and ayurvedic treatment.

5th Doctor (Ayurvedic): Complete money Minded guy, took more than 10000 rs from me and no results. He is the worst doctor I have ever seen in my life. I have used his medicines for 4 months but no regrowth.

6th Doctor: Homeopathy: No promising results. Again took homeopathy treatment for more than 3 months. Spent 900 rs on the same.

Bad Experiences with Allopathy in Alopecia:

After being to 4 dermatologist and 2 homeopathy doctor and 1 Ayurveda  doctor and spending around more than 50000 rs on all I become frustrated and stopped everything. I understood one thing that you can get temporary relief by allopathy since its all about inside body reaction.

Current Situation:

Now I am consulting with one of the Homeopathy doctor in Bhopal who is taking my case since 4 months and I am seeing some positive results. Also I am working on my lifestyle and eating habits and some basic natural things.

Although there are few patches which are not fully covered but atleast most of the patches have filled.

After studding so much material on internet I understood one thing that its very unpredictable disease and nobody knows the actual cure of this. But I can assure you one thing that Homeopathy has some magic, you need to consult a good homeopathy doctor who knows how to cure disease. Also you need to change your lifestyle and try for natural things instead of drugs which have side effects and temporary relief. 

Homeopathic Approach:

My homeopathic doctor is actually a homeopathy student and recently opened a clinic and one of my niece has given me his reference since she is also studying homeopathy with him. She told me that guy has cured many patients of alopecia in the past.

He is also giving me some medicines based on my symptoms and doing some hit and trial but I am getting good results as compare to my previous experience.

You need to understand one thing that Homeopathy depends on the mental and physical symptoms. Even my doctor also giving me medicines after studying my symptoms, He always ask me about my likes, dislikes, nature, behaviour etc. Even some of the medicines din’t worked for me so he changed the medicines many times, Now one medicines is working for me what i believe. Lets see how it goes.

I will share all my pics soon once It will be cure permanently.

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Although its not completely cured yet. 2 new patches has developed but other patches are filling, also growth on beard is very slow. 1 patch on chest has almost covered and on 2 patch on chest has some small hairs. But I am happy with the progress atleast I am positive about the hair growth. Also still I am using cap in office and other places because I am not still very confident about whether somebody can notice the spot.

How Alopecia Affected me:

I know many of you are suffering from alopecia areata and it is the very frustrating because you loose your confidence because of your looks. Looks plays an very important life for everyone, I also lived my 3 years life as a complete introvert guy ignoring friends and colleagues. 

Since I was working in a sales profile, Looks played a very important role, I also lost my confidence in job and with my family and friends, I become very introvert.

Below are the things you can do to atleast to see how it reacts:

Understand its root: If it’s due to fungal infection, May be oral application of cream and other lotion might work. But in most of the case it’s severe and from internal which can’t be cured from oral application.  Try to find the rason why and how it happened to you. Most of people mentioned it happened due to stress, grief, an emotional event etc. If you may able to find the cause then it’s easy to detect the possibility of its cure.

  1. Drink Plenty of water on daily basis.
  2. Avoid Sugar and dairy products.
  3. Apply onion juice and garlic juice on your scalp.
  4. Don’t use steroids or any cream orally because its an internal disease. It needs to cure from inside.
  5. Eat more and more fruits and vegetables.
  6. Get plenty of sun light in the early morning.
  7. Make sure your body has sufficient vitamin, protein, iron, zinc etc. If you do not have get it through the natural sources rather than taking supplements.
  8. You can eat raw seeds such as pumpkin seeds, Chia seeds, Sunflower which are good natural resources.
  9. You can also apply coconut oil, sesame oil, mustard oil etc for regrowth.
  10. Avoid spicy foods, junk foods.
  11. Drink at-least 2-3 cup green tea.
  12. Do Nail-rubbing twice a day at-least for 15 mins. 
  13. Eat almonds and walnuts daily.
  14. Sleep properly for atleast 8 hours in a day. 
  15. Don’t use hot water for bath.
  16. Consult with a good homeopath  doctor and continue the treatment for at-least 6 months.
  17. Drink 3-4 glass of Luke warm water empty stomach for better functioning of your stomach.
  18. Many people has vitamin-D deficient, make sure you get check your vitamin-d, 90% people lacks in vitamin-D.
  19. Never use chemicals on your hairs or scalp. It will harm only.
  20. If you can get pure Leech oil, then its very useful for regrowth, One of my friend suggested me this and I was really surprised by its uses. He was a Bengali guy and he has very thick and strong hairs. I also read about Leech oil (Jonk Oil) and its properties and amazed by knowing about Leech oil. I tried it finding it pure leech oil but unable to find so I ordered it from Amazon online. Got good results as well. But again you need to cure this disease from inside body, these oil can only regrow but it will be temporary. 
Go for Homeopathic and Ayurvedic treatment instead of Allopathy.

Give chance to homeopathy treatment more than 4-5 months since it takes time your body to heal from inside.

Consult with a good homeopath in your area who knows the homeopathy very well. Homeopathy medicines works based on the symptoms.

Don’t use:

Steroids: Do not use steroids injections, they have major side effects. All the patients who used steroids in Alopecia regrets later after they realized the consequences.

Minodoxil and Finasteride tablet: This can help in re-growth but have major side effects. Also you should consider a specialist doctors before using this. My experience with these medicines was not good.

You hair can grow by using this above mentioned methods, but hair growth will be temporary only. You patches might grow further if you stop using this after sometime.

Some patients had only 1-2 patches only might be benefited by steroids and minodoxil but in 90% cases it make the case worst.

What you can do best to reduce the effects of Alopecia:

Most of patients dint get the results from homeopathy, because:

  1. They quit the treatment after 2-3 months.
  2. Their doctors do not know the science of homeopathy.

Some medicines works for some patients but does not work for others so you need to identify the best medicines which will work for you based on your physical and mental symptoms.

I also used various homeopathy medicines in the past such as Sulphur, Natrum Sulph, Sac Lac, Staphysagaria, Natrum Mur and many others. Lastly I am getting good results with a medicine and later I realized my symptoms are matching with that medicine.

But dont this use medicines without consulting any doctor, I will not say that it can cure your Alopecia 100% but at-least give a chance to homeopathy.

Also be aware there are many scams are going in this field since they know its money making market. Many claim that they can cure the alopecia but it’s still unpredictable when it will cure so be aware of these kind of people who just want the money from you by the name of Alopecia cure.

I have also wasted more than 50000 Indian rupees on this using different treatments with different doctors in the past but not happy with them. 

We all are waiting for when it will have a permanent cure, I always read in news that many researches are going on this and many researches have promising results as well.

If somebody has got good results by any methods let me know.

Lets help each other and make this world Alopecia Free