5 Best Bollywood Hindi Movies You might have missed but worth watching:

1. Sadda Adda:

Its a very nice movie, If you have ever lived in a flat with your friends then you should definitely watch this movie. Its a story of 5 friends who were living together in a flat and enjoy their bachelor life. This film was suggested by one of my friend and I really enjoyed watching this movie.

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2. Shaurya:

This film is a copy of a Hollywood movie in which KK menon was played a role of a Army Brigadier.  acting of K K menon is worth watching specially his dialogue delivery is awesome. Also nice storyline and direction. Although i dint like this kind of movie but this movie is different.

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3. Rocket Singh Salesman of the Year:

The best movie for a sales guy, If you have ever done a sales job in your life, then you will life this movie to the fullest. also If you ever though of opening your company then also you will love this movie. This is a inspiring and motivational movie. Simple and nice story line. This movie is very underrated although it should be Ranbir's one of the best movie.

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4. Dhanak:

You can watch this movie on youtube, I watched it on youtube after reading the reviews from viewers of google and once i completed the movie, my reaction was "What a beautiful movie yar" even I shared this my friends and all have same reaction. Everyone loved the simplicity of this movie and acting of everybody specially the kids. If you haven't watched this till now, Go for it.

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5. Lahore:

Ending of this movie is so emotional that you may cry after watching this. I love this kind of movie, This kind of movie promotes healty realtionship between India and Pakistan. I watched this movie in my hostel days and enjoyed it.

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